Ludo King™ APK Game Android Free Download

Ludo King™ APK Game Android Free Download


Description of Ludo KingTM
* This is the official game of LUDO KINGTM

100 million downloads!

Ludo King™ APK Game Android Free Download Ludo KingTM is a classic board game played between friends, family and children. Play royal game of the royal family! Remember your childhood!

Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports mobile platforms for desktops, Android, iOS and Windows. This game also supports offline mode, and players can use a computer or local multiplayer game (play and transfer mode).

What’s new:
Chat with friends and friends
Automatic mobile system (cheat is not allowed now!)
Restore the game (do you have a call? Do not worry!)
Make friends with the whole world
Calling Facebook friends/friends
Improved online connection
Save / Load Game Options Ludo
Statistics of players using XP and updated systems
More user-friendly interface
Support for expansion to low-cost devices
bug fixes and improvements

Ludo King is a modern version of the Royal Pachisi game. The game Ludo played between ancient Indian kings and queens. Throw the Ludo bones and move the marker to the center of the Ludo board. Defeat other players and become King Ludo.

Ludo King follows the traditional rules and the old look of the Ludo games. Ludo games have developed your phone for centuries. Just like the King and Queen of the Golden Age of India, your destiny depends on the curtailment of Ludo’s nephew and your strategy of moving the tokens effectively.

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