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The Zombies MAD is an action game genre for Android smartphone and tablet users.PAYDAY: Crime War Apk Game Android Free Download.

In this game, you have to build your own army and go to war with zombies.

In this addictive blizzard, many zombies have surrounded you, and all you have to do is keep the zombies from entering your realm.

In each game, you will be given missions that, if you complete the mission, will be rewarded for it and you will be rewarded with more powerful equipment and weapons.

Do not forget that at each stage New zombies are emerging and facing far more difficult than previous zombies.

You have to learn how to destroy zombies because they are always among the hardest enemies.

It’s time for you to think that you have destroyed all the zombies, but at the same time a lot of zombies will surprise you, so you should always be on alert because zombies are never over, they’re out of every Where do you think they are coming to you and your family, so make yourself stronger at every stage and go with zombies with enough weapons and strong people.

No matter how you lose your people, they also become zombies, so prepare yourself for a hard battle and do not let zombies get your territory.

Your goal is the zombie, they are not human, they are dead and crazy.

They can walk and attack you, they have their own army and they know how they fight in the war, they too evolve very quickly.

They walk in a village, a city, a path, perhaps in a car or factory.

You need to have a strategy to eliminate all the zombies, you have to kill them by firing bullets on them, you must shoot them at the highest speed you can shoot, if they come to you do not doubt that You are dead It also comes with 3D graphics that make it more appealing.

The Bellis is by far the best zombie shooting game ever to be updated every week.

Now you can download this fascinating online game.

In this game, you are faced with different types of zombies and more than 200 missions are set for you in this game.

This game is a free shooting game to download it and become a hero to save the world from the zombies.