Mafia Empire: City of Crime is an awesome and popular game of action and mafia that comes with or without modifications to users of Android devices. Bomber Friends Apk Game Android Free Download

The battle in your cities has started between the largest mafia in your city.

In the mafia empire you are the boss who cares about the power and growth of your mafia.

You decide all mafia programs and the rest of your people will be in charge of you. You have Strategic Plans for Growth in this game, and you have to follow them to your mafia.

can order so that your people can beat their banks, pockets, gas pumping stations, and smuggle them money.

The strategic depth of the game will attract you and will make you a highly addictive game in a unique and engaging atmosphere.

In this online game, you can help other mafia friends in this game and do their missions that will make this game more attractive.

Key Features of Mafia Empire City of Crime:

-Ability to play online.
-Find friends in the game and get help from the game.

  • Has top graphics.
    -Accommodate with unlimited gameplay.
    No ads in the game.