MHST The Adventure Begins [CAPCOM Co. Ltd] (v1.0.01 ).ipa

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MHST The Adventure Begins Ipa Game iOS Free DownloadMHST The Adventure Begins Ipa Game iOS Free Download MHST The Adventure Begins Ipa Game iOS Free Download MHST The Adventure Begins Ipa Game iOS Free Download MHST The Adventure Begins Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Please read the “Important Instructions” section before purchasing or using this application. Paradise Bay Ipa Game iOS Free Download.

There are no in-app purchases in this app! After playing this application, you can import the saved data into “Monster Hunter Story” (paid version) to continue the story.

• World history of monster hunters
In a world where big monsters roam, there is hunting life everywhere, there is a remote village where they follow various customs. These are monster knights, a man who does not hunt but is in contact with monsters.

Unlike hunters, they rise and live with monsters, form an inextricable link with them and use mysterious artifacts.

The monster that forms a kinship with a horseman, known as “Monsters”, has incredible power. By becoming a knight, you can also become friends of countless Monty, riding on them when you explore the vast, exciting world. Join the adventure and “ride!”

• Game features
– Collect countless Monsters!
The monsters and the bond that you form with them are the pillars of your adventure. Explore the vast environment and dungeons, find monster lairs and return the eggs you found to hatch new Monsters!

– Fighting monsters in cyber war!
Bring your hero and your growing Monsters to fight other racers! Create your favorite team to challenge other players.

– New features in the version for smartphones!
New enhancements include beautiful high-resolution graphics, an improved user interface, and new autosave features!

• History
The story begins in the forest near the village of Horsemen. Three young friends – the hero Lilia and Cheval stumbled upon a brilliant egg.

Three men made a naughty imitation of the rituals of relatives, only to be shocked when she was truly successful!

The eggs hatch, revealing the child of Rathalos, the flying Wyvern, also known as the “king of heaven.” The trio called him “Rata” affectionately and then drove him back to the village.

A few days later, without any warning, the village was engulfed by a group of monsters infected with the “black plague”. They managed to drive him away, but before he destroyed the city and left an indelible scar in the hearts of Cheval and Lily.

A year has passed …

The hero received a relative stone from the village chief and officially became a knight. Both Cheval and Lilia left the village, and everyone was alone. Although the hero is now separated from the friends of his childhood, he entered into a partnership with cheerful Navarro to start a new adventure in the world of hunters.

The history of friendship and victory is waiting for you – enter the world of stories of monster hunters!

[important notes] • Notes on multiplayer games
– Multiplayer games (online battles, etc.) are available only after a certain number of game moves.
– Cyber Warfare is available only to other players in this version of the iOS application, and not for the paid version of the player.
– For players in the Japanese version of this application, cyber warfare is impossible.
– Play a well-connected zone to provide the best online experience.
– To use the multiplayer feature, you must enter the Game Center.

• Additional notes
– To use this application, you must agree to the Monster Hunter Stories End User License Agreement (link below) when you start the application for the first time.
– This application has the same story as the introduction to the version of the portable console device.
“This release does not offer various game console features such as shared content, amiibo, local cybersecurity, and StreetPass.
– Deleting this application will also delete saved data.
– This application can only be downloaded via Wi-Fi connection.
– The Japanese version of the Battle Party QR code does not work in this version.