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In this strategic and addictive game, you must build your castle and build and build your own buildings through hunting and extraction of resources, and protect yourself and your zombies from your own and for a while. Drift Tuner Apk Game Android Free Download.

Stay alive longer.

In 4 different defenses, you can fight zombies.

To survive and continue to play, you must find a place where there is plenty of water and is suitable for shelter, and build your walls and buildings to hunt and collect them.

Zombies are ready to attack you at night and you must stop by installing walls, traps, towers, and canons.

The body temperature, your hunger, and the management of your money are the key points of this game.

Mine Survival Game Features:

-Ettragical game.

-A little game.

– Build walls by collecting hunts.

-4 Different defensive mode.

-Fixed game problems in new releases.

– Protection against zombies using canons, towers, traps, and walls.