Homescapes is an awesome and entertaining game in the style of puzzle gaming that comes with Android OS users.

In this game, you have many more features and access to the rest of the game in this genre, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of the game among Android users and you as a person named Austin will help another family.

They will be able to return to their normal state of life, re-designing their home-cook’s kitchen, giving them new things and putting them all the best in the right place. You can also locate them.

Design other garages and salons, and make them and provide them with the necessary equipment.

The descendants will live happily next to each other, but all these things will not be as easy as they say, and you have to make a lot of effort in this way and play a lot of steps, and you will succeed in many challenges.

Provide these items and money and put them back together so that the family returns calmly.

Can you do this best and perfectly? Make this game and exciting challenges to get to know! You will also have beautiful pets in this beautiful mansion that adds to the charm of this exciting game.

At each stage, you’ll find similar shapes in each other so you can eliminate them and take the game at your own pace, but the more you progress, the more challenging it will be.

You can also share the game through Facebook with your friends or contenders, or even invite them to challenge the game’s fascinating stories.

Key Features of Homescapes:

China-based game with different stories and capabilities.

  • Have fun playing songs and music.

-Ability to share the game via facebook with your friends.

  • It has an addictive and addictive storyline….