Modern Warplanes is an action and air combat game designed for Android users. Last Shelter Survival Apk Game Android Free Download

Welcome to the world of advanced warfare aircraft.

In this game, you can choose from the newest aircraft currently made in the world and participate in online air battles and have fun.

There are 12 advanced combat aircraft in the game, 10 of which have been made by man so far, and the other two are part of future generations of warplanes that humankind has so far failed to build.

Each of these aircraft has unique and different features, each of which can shoot at any second.

Each warplane also has its own capabilities and weapons, which is what makes each one a fantastic warplane.

There are over 30 different collections of missiles, barracks, and rockets in the game, which you can install on your warplanes and make them more powerful.

This exciting game can be played online and offline, each of which in turn is attractive.

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Some features of the game Modern Warplans:

  • Incredibly high graphics.
  • Supports 12 war planes, of which 10 of them are now made by Inces, and 2 of them are the 6th generation of war planes.
  • More than 30 different collections of missiles, retriever bars and rockets.
    -Ability to play both offline and online.