Game Android Version 7.3

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Monster Breaker Hero is a free addictive puzzle game featuring Android and tablet users. Revenge Of Stickman Warriors Apk Game Android Free Download.

This game originally starts from the place where monsters attack your home and you are the pain of being a prince who must guide the soldiers of your land from your castle and city so that the people of your land return to their safety and all the monsters Destroy it.

In this strategic game, you can use bricks especially for your own defense and self-defense, first, you go to war in a vertical quadrant.

You are placed at the bottom of your tablet’s or tablet’s screen, and when it’s attacked you will be lowered from your body alongside the box, but you should not let them kill you, but if your blood volume is over, you play You go You have to shoot the balls towards the monsters by guiding your soldiers and win money every time and win new soldiers for yourself.

Game Monster Breaker Hero:

– A game in the style of Pazli.

-Game strategically in action style.

-Easy learning game.

The game has been posted to users in the updated version.

-An addictive game.