OXENFREE [Night School Studio] (v1.19 v2 iPhone5).ipa

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“Oxenfree shot the best part of the supernatural horror film of the 1980s and combined it with a trustworthy character, beautiful mosaics, and unforgettable VHS music to create a masterpiece.” 10/10 from CGMagOnline

“For Netflix, which is“ unfamiliar, ” Oxenfree ”is the impact on the world of video games.” – Los Angeles Times

“Oxenfree is a constantly intelligent supernatural story that rises to a cold end.” – KILL SCREEN

“There are no indents, but an increasingly exciting emotional story immersed in supernatural phenomena. The first effort of Night School Studio is a wonderful performance. ” – Forbes

Choose your fate in this welcoming, supernatural adventure.

Oxenfree is a group of supernatural thrillers about a group of friends who accidentally opened a ghostly split. Playing, Alex, a clever, naughty teenager, led his new father Jonas to a night gathering on an old military island. When you inadvertently open the ghost door from the hidden part of the island, the night becomes terrible. How you handle these events, your companions and the sinister creatures that you release, depend on you.

As you explore Edwards Island, identify every aspect of Alex’s story, show the dark past of the base, and change the lives of your friends.

• Oxenfree can be played in the touch screen and controller mode, allowing you to easily switch playback styles.

• The intelligent conversation system changes the story and your relationship according to each decision.

• Unique radio allows Alex to communicate with mysterious ghosts and manipulate their world.

• Many puzzles need to be solved, spanning decades and all life.