Panda Pop is a popular and entertaining game in the style of passionate and entertaining games. Call of Duty: Legends of War Apk Game Android Free Download

The story of the game starts from the point where you steal a devil’s baboon of a panda kid that you play for you, and you have to shoot at all points with the colored balls you have in place, to count them from 3 To be further destroyed and destroyed with one another, so that you can reach out to the dragon by destroying these cannons and pull him to escape from his grasp and return to his throat in the forest.

It comes with a modded version or its limitations, as well as a version of the a full version of the release version, individually and free of charge on our site for device users.

Panda Pop Apk Game Android Free Download
Panda Pop Apk Game Android Free Download

Android is located.

There are also weekly challenges in this game, which you can earn a lot of points by playing them.

Key Features of Panda Pop:

  • More than 250 levels in the game with different challenges.
  • Special features to increase your bubble.
  • Stunning graphics and game animation.

A addictive game.
-Ability to connect to Facebook and connect with other friends in this game.