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Paper game. io is an arcade game designed for Android phone users and tablets.SkidStorm—Multiplayer Apk Game Android Free Download.

Now you can download this fascinating game absolutely free on our site and enjoy the game.

You might think that the game is like the other snake games, but you made it wrong.

The game may look like a snake game, but it has different rules that you can see throughout the game.

In this game, you should not allow other snakes to have more of the page content, but you should try to snake most of the page.

Eliminate other snakes and get the page out of it. In this game, as in the other games of the early stages, it is very easy and you can easily leave the initial stages, but in the next stages, with the increase of the snakes, control of the game gets harder and you need to be careful and slowly move.

Your goal in this game is to conquer the largest realm.

All you have to do is do not let the other snakes come to your territory because all territory is yours.

In this game you have to be careful and slowly move in this game If you are cautious and get the biggest realm for you, you win.

Your only disadvantage is that if you hit your opponent, you are dead and you have to start the game from the beginning.

Do not make any moves until you have taken over the entire territory because your opponents are waiting for a wrong move from your side to enter your territory and eliminate you.

If you are a group of people who are looking for a small but fun game, we will introduce you to download it and enjoy the game.

Some features of the game:

-Supports a unique and engaging graphics world.Your goal is to conquer the largest realm.
-Easy user interface.
– Small volume and fun.