Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

Parallyzed Game Android Free Download You need to help them through the hardships that are created by the presence of ghosts in their land and preventing the two sisters from trying.

Overview:Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

Other Specifications: You play and manage them in this game at the same time instead of the two characters.Splitter Critters Full Game Android Free Download.Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

Blue and Red have a special ability! They can change their bodies at any time, so you have to take this feature to the very best of use.Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

It’s time to get a new experience in the field of Arcade games.Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

The game, which received 4/4 of the Google Play score, is a product of the App Holdings studio, which surprises millions of users with their beauties.Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

Parallyzed game features:

– Play by just tapping on the left and right of your mobile phone

Convert your mind into two parts to enter the world of two sisters!

– Ultra-attractive and simple color scheme

– Very low volume with very high beauty

Parallyzed Game Android Free Download

Parallyzed Game Android Free Download This low-volume game with intaglio color and graphics has been able to attract a lot of attention. Join the world of two sisters and lead the game with love.

Game v2.0.7 for Android


Download Parallezed v2.0.7 Normal game – 65 MB: CLICK HERE


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