The rise of Empire is the name of a new and exciting game of action and strategy, which comes with Android game users with a separate data file. This game was designed in the era of the advent of the empire. Call of Spartan Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game, you play the role of a land attacked by the eastern countries and disappeared, and the swimming should rebuild it and build its power by training warriors, collecting giant dragons and Build stronger walls to fight your enemies and take revenge from other countries and put them under your control.

The game has stunning graphics that excitedly excite group attacks and wars.

The game is totally online or need to be connected to the internet, which must be fought with other people around the world that they have built up their lands, or even with a number of them to form groups to assist in wars You should have one another, or you will have weapons and powers for your war of one another.

In this game, the most important factor for you is your strategy, in which you have to make special forces in each war than your own recognition or defensive strategy to win the challenges of the game.

Some Rise of Empire game features:

-Designed stunning graphics.

  • Have addictive gameplay.
    -The ability to upgrade the equipment.
    -To play totally online.
    -Ability to share the game on your Facebook page.