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Rune Gems is a unique style 3 puzzle game.100 Balls 3D Ipa Game iOS Free Download.

Take colored tiles to create 3 games. It’s very simple, but it is a simple and unique way of thinking about the type 3 game you would like.

It is neither a precious nor a diamond sprint clone, nor more common with Mahjong / Shanghai Solitaire.

How to play:

● Your screen has a tray with 7 plates on it, filled from the game board.
● Click on a tile to get into the tray. The goal is to match all three colored tiles from the playing field as quickly as possible so that you do not fill 7 trays for tiles without matching 3.
● After resetting 7 plates, if there is no corresponding group, it means failure.
Features Rune Gem:
● The tiles are colorful and have a gem appearance. Each tile differs from one to another, giving the game a different style.
● Rune Gems is a game that is ideal for collecting and playing in a minute or two or a game that has been wasted for a long time. Take it and see how far you can go.
Players can use “magic” and “temporary” runes to help them – the first one automatically chooses a good stone, and the last one allows one to “undo”.
A little trick: since the grouping will never exceed 3, so just compare as many triples as possible to increase the speed combination bonus as quickly as possible … but be careful if you end up clicking on your haste 4 red clips, 4- I will now be part of the tray and block everything until you find two other partners. Therefore, always pay attention to what you put on the tray, and make sure that you can quickly match it, or let it block traffic if that prevents you from accessing many other fragments below.
A comment:
“Match-3 puzzle game is installed on the game board for the game in the style of Majong.” –
“Rune Gems is a great, well-designed game, very friendly for long and short games.” –
“The whole game works very well, we really like to click on one of the runes, because the animation is very smooth.” –
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Have fun and enjoy the rune jewels!