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“Desa Pinball” is suitable for adults, children, elders. Pinball game very simple and funny.

Sausages and Pinball offer pure nostalgia for Taiwanese people. This is the greatest memory of childhood, combining fun and salivation over the famous BBQ sausage.
There are many ways to play, but the goal is simple: win the game and eat sausages!

This application is based on a real pinball machine and a BBQ sausage support. I hope everyone will be able to play this retro game on the phone and enjoy the old memories. The action is fun and simple, it is suitable for family and friends together to play the game.

“Desa Pinball” has four playback modes.

“Normal Mode 1 and 2”
Total 4 balls. Launch the ball and earn sausage according to your overall score.
To challenge the best in the world!

“Color Mode”
There are 5 balls in total. Launch the ball and win sausages based on colors and positions.

“Challenge Mode”
Unlimited balls. The total score can not be 50, 100, 150, 200, 250. If your score is more than 250, you will win at that level.
To provoke the best level in the world!

  1. Drag the bottom right corner and adjust the circle as power.
  2. Release yourself! The ball will be launched.

Have fun for everyone!

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