Smurfs Bubble Story is a puzzle game style designed for Android users.FarmVille: Tropic Escape Apk Game Android Free Download

This game is based on Smurfs: The Lost Village’s fascinating and spectacular animation.

The other organs are in bubbles that you have to free them, by throwing the bubbles on them you can remove them from the bubbles.

In this game you are in a mysterious forest that is full of enemies. You must kill the wild animals and kill the magic of the mysterious forest.

Each of the Smurfs has a different power that you must first release to join your group.

This game is easy as in other games in the first stages, but the further you go the harder and harder the stages.

You must collect the smorgas and start exploring and exploring this mysterious forest.

In this forest you will face many obstacles that will stop you. Dangerous animals have lurking for you, so take care and move slowly.

Each morph has a special power that empowers them.

Get rid of the wizard and redeem your missions to win. In this game, unexpected challenges have been put to you with limited time, and you will receive unique bonuses when you finish them.

This game has extraordinary gameplay that attracts everyone, so if you are a fan of puzzle games, this game can be a good choice for you.

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