Space arcade fighting! Fight with different enemies in 26 missions full of action This is one of Kiira’s many adventures. Smuggler, pilot, and damn engineer. Follow the story of his team Outlaw as they fight the bad Guild. Noisy House HD Ipa Game iOS Download

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  • A large parcel of 26 missions
  • Action game with impressive AI behavior
  • Only classic arcade-style battles
  • Command 5 different ships, each with its own specific capability
  • Poor – Using a plasma missile, the ship is able to shoot at a higher speed, causing more damage
  • Firefli – Distribution EMP mines will shortly connect each affected ship
  • Phoenix – Fixed stationary fixed accelerators generate high intensity energy, causing a large amount of damage
  • Beetle – Particle Accelerator activates high intensity energy, causing immense damage
  • Brutus: The rocket seeker will fly to the target and explode in a hit, causing great damage
  • Many different enemies with skills and upgrades
  • Excellent graphics with unique ship style
  • A constant way of survival
  • Two levels that can be played unlimited in order to get more credits

-No ads or iAPP
-This app does not monitor your location or share any information with third parties

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