Special Forces Group 2 v2.3.5 Game Android


Special Forces Group is an exciting and exciting action game featuring a very popular counter game featuring Android games and Android games. In this exciting game and action you can play as a multiplayer online or offline, which is the most fascinating of the game to be online and multiplayer to team up with another group of friends to compete and challenge. Torque Drift Apk Game Android Free Download

Drag one another, while during the game, this competition will be very nasty and addictive.

At the beginning of the game, you will consult with your groups, each choosing a post and selecting your own guns and grenades or smoke and … for your role, and you will be very precise and coordinated to fight your opponents.

To see which group will be better at what precision, action, and roles, and what will be the result.

You can also choose a terrorist group that needs to put a bomb that one of your five-member soldiers has in its place and be up to it, or you can use the anti-riot force and the bomb put in place by the terrorists.

Has been neutralized. So you enter into a world of excitement, challenge, strategy, power, high-speed action, attack or defense map, group selection, and many more exciting things, so do not miss this fascinating game and download the free version and enjoy it.

It also has attractive graphics.

Special Forces Group Game Features:

  • There is a terrorist group and a riot.
  • Has 7 different languages ​​like: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and …
  • Has top graphics.

-We have many different artifacts with different performance and flaws that adds to the excitement of the game.

  • Have a sniper or sniper role.
  • The ability to play online or offline.


-Bulletproof .