Specialized training for all users running iOS Cydia Cydia Error Fix errors that were encountered when working with Cydia on the issue in this post were complete and accurate. Currently you can read all topics related to errors in Cydia to see here.

Specialized training Cydia fix errors


Error: Can not Locate Package

This error was when that package to you from Cydia not found.You must remove this error from Cydia and multitasking are also close it and wait a few minutes and then log in again.

Error: An SSL Error Has Occurred & Untrusted Server Certificate

This error occurs when you do not have access to Cydia. At this moment you have on your device Czech because the exact date is not set to encounter this problem.

Error: WoW, You Exceeded The Number Of Package Name this APT Is Capable Of

This error occurs for most users,Because Cydia only a certain amount of space to put you on their package and If you want to add a large number of sources and all parts of the Cydia package of more space becomes empty.To resolve this error should be your number source from the Manage> Sources> Edit Delete.

Error: Size Mismatch

Add an unlimited number invalid because the source of the error encountered. To resolve this error should try to use the default source and delete other sources.

Note: When the temperature changes Cydia and press down to select Refresh Refresh possible after the black screen Open the page where data is written, note that according to the black screen can solve your problem easily:

Error: Failed To Fetch

When confronted with this error sure that the data source is not available, the error or malfunction due to the noise source and the source is a few hours, Have to wait a bit and try again to fix the problem.

POSIX Error: Operation Timed Out

This error is due to your Internet connection, and if you encounter this error Czech tethering your device, and also if the problem persists, it may be difficult to source.


GPG Error

The source of the error and error that occurs when the source you ignored.

(Note: In some cases, the errors will solve your problem by switching IP)