Games iOS For iPhone Download Fight with your rivals in the first real-time competitive Star Wars ™ shooter game specially designed for mobile devices. Learn skills in PvP battles based on cover and rise to the ranks of the Arena League. Experience competitive awards such as Captain Phasma. Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers Ipa Games iOS Download.

Key features
• Strategically use your environment and use mobile-optimized controls to aim and destroy enemies so you don’t get hurt. Change heroes during the battle and change them during the game.
• Choose from the heroes of the legendary heroes such as Leia, Poe Dameron, and Lando Calrissian.
• Confrontation with your opponent
In the film, fight against your iconic rivals to defeat them, to gain valuable battle points and change the course of the battle (for example, Han Solo vs. Bobapet, Jinn Erso vs. Krennik).
• Master ICONIC weapons and special functions
Dominate the arena with powerful weapons such as Chewbacca’s Buckmaster, DL-44 Han Solo Blaster Pistol, and Bob Fett EE-3 Carabiner. Unique Master A special ability in the Star Wars universe, such as Darth Vader’s Force Choke and Akbar’s Orbital Orbital Strike.

• Use splitting fluid
Create a team from the camps, such as Rebellion, Empire, First Order, and Underworld, to get the faction bonus and improve damage, health status.

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Star Wars: Rivals™
Price: Free
Category: Games
By: Disney Electronic Content, Inc.
Version: 3.6.47
Released: 2018-01-10
Shared: 2018-01-21
Size: 162.34MB
10.0 or later