iOS Download Ipa Games For iPhone It’s free for a limited time now! Get it now, until the price returns to normal! Stickman Tennis is a dynamic, realistic tennis game with amazing courtesy, amazing atmosphere, simple controls and a variety of game values. Play the best spins, cuts, beats and punches, play crosses, long lines or inside, and choose between automatic and manual playback. The revolutionary time machine gives you a second chance, allowing you to replay lost points. Play a quick match or tennis tour with 100 opponents. Collect trophies and increase your world ranking for the whole season with 64 tournaments.
Train your shot on the training ground with a ball machine. Tiny Archers Ipa Games iOS Download.

Play fast or complete tour of the season.
Simple but powerful touch control with time control
Automatic start or manual start.
Play top-backs, cuts and lobes, crosses, long lines and inner sides.
Choose from short dial, full dial or final short dial.
Innovative time machine: play for the last lost ball
Training ground with a ball
Top 100 partners in the world with personal profiles and strengths
In 64 tournaments the difficulty level is 5, and the number of rounds in the game is different.
Three difficulties for long-term motivation: easy, medium and difficult.
Match statistics
Collect trophies to improve world rankings.
Resumption of possible matches at any time.
Addictive gameplay
Compete with friends with a world rating.

We will try to freely publish ideas and implement them as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support and interest in the game! We would love to hear your suggestion!

Stickman Tennis
Price: Free
Category: Games
By: Djinnworks GmbH
Version: 2.2
Released: 2018-02-02
Shared: 2018-02-02
Size: 110,42MB
Compatibility: 7.0 or later