Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download The high levels of the game are very difficult. And you have to reject them with different tactics and intelligence.It can be entertaining for hours and a different experience from the game world for you.


** Winner of creative design for the game **

** Nominated for the best two-dimensional game experience **Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Won the most innovative game project Runner Up in Casual Connect USA 2013!Crazy Drillers Ipa Game iOS Free Download.Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download
Nomination of 2013 The best double-digit visual reputation of solidarity!Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

A truly unique puzzle experience that includes simplicity, elegance, and challenge.Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata draw a simple and complex puzzle game on a complex color and sound canvas. Solve the puzzles by checking the limits of your brain, completing the complex color rendition.Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata’s goal is to strategically add color ribbons to match the patterns.

Using deliberate and tactical strategies, you must correctly coordinate your actions. Over time, your strategy may evolve, but Strata will make your moves more difficult.

Strata features:
Hundreds of larger, more complex puzzles.
– Select to finish each grid to finish it without pulling the tape.
– A simple but addictive game of any age.
A beautiful recording accompanies your action.

Strata is an entertaining and popular arcade game released for your devices.

In this game, you need to put the layers together.

It’s also a 2-dimensional game featuring more than 100 stages and 5 levels of difficulty.

Download the popular Strata game for iPhone and iPad Strata
Price: $ 2.99
Category: arcade | iPhone and iPad game
Manufacturer: Graveck
Release Date: Sep 12, 2013
Last updated: January 14, 1396
Version 1.2.1
File size: 68.2 MB
Seller: Graveck Interactive LLC
Score: 4.5
Applicable age: 4+
Compatibility Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Strata Ipa Game iOS Free Download each way in the same square on the ground.