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There are no in-app purchases in the info version and there are no control points on the level. Speed Tank Ipa Games iOS Download

Superbird Advance (Super Mario) is a traditional platform game. Continue to erase the level and jump!

Superbird Advance (Super Mario) Background:
Our super bird is on vacation with his girlfriend. But a huge evil bean kidnapped his girlfriend. Super Bird needs your help to get rid of levels to save a pretty girlfriend!

Features Superbird Advance (Super Mario):
+3 super bird.
+9 Special Abilities.
+10 Hardest enemy.
+8 bonuses per level, 8 ancillary items in the store.
Interesting and challenging 32 level world.

  • Due to more than 30 different mechanisms and risks, each step is completely different.
  • iPhone 5 widescreen support.
  • Retinal display support.
  • Universal support.
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards.
  • Share your results with your friends via Twitter.
  • Free level of upcoming updates.

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