Game Android Apk Version:8.2.0

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Survival Raft Ultimate is a simulation game for Android, where you can get the latest version of the game on our site for free. Knife Frenzy Apk Game Android Free Download.

In the game, you are alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and there is no one besides you.

You are besieged by a lot of sharks that you must protect yourself and do not allow the sharks to hunt you.

In this game, you are in a maritime adventure where your only goal is to survive in the endless expanse.

Do not forget that hunger and thirst are not your only problem on the sea, but the biggest problem that you face are sharks, sharks Angry people who are hungry and want to hunt you, and you are only on a boat, which at any moment may be destroyed by one of the sharks, and then they are hunting you, collect the rewards and destroy them.

Plan your sharks and save your life.

You have to eat yourself with a hook and make a floating fortress from the floating things to protect yourself from shark attacks.

Get all the equipment you need with the hook, and make your own floating fort and no matter how loud you are.

Get your blood from the sea, because the sharks quickly catch the smell of blood and there Hunt you so you need to be careful not to catch the attention of the sharks in your head.

Install this very challenging game and try to stay alive.

Some of the features of the Survival Raft Ultimate game:

-Ability to get floating objects on the water using a hook.
– The ability to build survival equipment, weapons and so on.
-Ability to expand the boat into a floating castle.
– Great graphics support.