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Overview :

SwiFTP 2014 software helps you without any problem all your data from phone to PC or PC-to-phone transfer,

the application without any cable or interface, all transfers your phone easily and very quicklyFayha wirelessly Dear users of the site have at your disposal, this software is suitable for all system Android 1.6 is up, hope you enjoy downloading this application. Another Great Post About Learning Android : Kids English Vocabulary Android Free Download.

Transferring files via wireless video tutorial:

(Click for crisp images on them)

After downloading and installing the software on your phone SwiFTP 2014 you have FTP enabled.

The software and enter your Username and Password desired.

Then in 2121 set the port and hit Sive option….

After completing work on to make your FTP option and click Start.

After completion of the work and the FTP option WiFi URL will appear as shown below.

Note that the WiFi URL code that will be written in the later stages.

Then go to your computer and click on My Computer.

Right-click My Computer in the space.

Click on the option Add a Network Loction.

Now you have the WiFi URL in the application code that you can see SwiFTP entered into the field and click Next.

At this point you should uncheck the checkbox Log On Anony Mously.

Username which were then used to enter the program.

SwiFTP Android Free Download

At this point you need to choose a name of your choice for the connection and click Next.

In the final stage you can see the FTP connection in your My Computer.

Now you can click on the desired connection, and enter a password that is entered in the application SwiFTP easily be managed via Wi-Fi on your phone.

SwiFTP Android Free Download

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