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Tribes Age The Rise of Caveman is an exciting new game in the style of action and strategy games that comes with Android game android users. Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game, you are in tribal prehistory.

Here you have to take initiative to survive, and to hunt for your daily food and extract resources such as gold and energy and use them to upgrade your equipment, and since the game is completely online You can find other people in different tribes and exchange them with each other, and go through one another during the war and make the game more attractive and exciting.

You have 16 types of fighters and different warrior types with different capabilities that you should use with their strategies in the right situations. You can also chat with them by communicating with other tribes and share strategies and thoughts for each other, which is the reason for the challenge, and you can, after gaining trust in your tribe and other tribes, Your friends, as well as being successful in the game as leader or leader of these tribes, will have access to control these groups from the rest of the people.

So if you’re a fan of strategy games and castles and collective assaults, be sure to download this exciting game from our site completely free and with game data as a separate file and enjoy it as well as your own comments. Contact us about the game.

Some of the features of Tribes Age Rise of Caveman:

-Game online.

  • Has top graphics.
    -Ability to connect with other people in the game online.
    -Data game file.
    No ads in the game.