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The Triglav Tower consists of more than 50 floors. Troll Face Quest Internet Memes Apk Game Android Free Download.

Upon the top of the princess’s captivity, search for the keys to find it, open the doors to the next floor, and solve puzzles and hunt monsters. It’s fun and exciting, with its Android-powered version.

This game has a simple and easy interface that you just have to play a few simple blows to your phone.

The game has interesting and serene spaces such as dungeons and different maps along the way.

You can also freely select the type of character or character of the game in this game, for example, defense type for more defenses and strong walls, type of attack, and so on.

We can determine the type of weapon, such as wall type, armor or spear, by character type, and in the game, the story is shown to you in the form of photos and not in the form of a narrator during the game.

You can store items that you have acquired in Shared Storage and share them with your other characters on the same device.

If you are a man of your character, you have to enter the next character and you have to create a character in order to be able to play the game.

Some features of the Triglav game:

– Can enter more than 50 floors inside the tower.

-Interesting to the black holes and areas outside the tower.

– Possibility to combine equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories to create new characters.