Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download Now I want to introduce a completely free program that you can use to make a free call to the Internet and send a message.Only the other party should have this program and connect to the Internet.Enable video calling feature

Overview:Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download

Description: Many of you have heard about Apple’s iMessage, or like me, it’s a lot of uses that this app can send to free-to-air friends when you’re connected to the Internet.ProPlayer – the video player Ipa App iOS Free Download.Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download

Contact more than 800 million users worldwide for free!Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download
Viber is a free application for SMS and calls that allows you to connect to any person in the world via an Internet connection. Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download

Enjoy the same high-quality sound quality when you look at each other.Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download
Instant video information – tap and hold the Instant Video icon to record a video for 30 seconds in a while.Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download
Secure communication and reliable contact. All messages and calls are protected from end-to-end messages. Manually check the contact to make sure that you are talking to the right person.
Express yourself with stickers. Choose thousands of stickers to explain what you mean.
Damage monitoring – delete messages you regret sending
Hidden chat – hides the chat content that you do not want to display in the chat list, and then uses your PIN to access the chat content

Install now and start the connection!
According to Viber, to see that:
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(*) Viber uses your internet connection. We recommend using Wi-Fi for a better experience. Data collection can be applied to places connected by the network tariff plan.

This fantastic app is free on iTunes.

Download the Viber application for the iPhone, iPod Viber Messenger
Price: Free
Category: social networks
Manufacturer: Viber Media SARL.
Release Date: Dec 02, 2010
Last updated: December 16, 2012
Version: 6.8
File size: 120.0 MB
Seller: Viber Media SARL.
Score: 4.5
Applicable age: 4+

Viber Messenger Ipa App Ios Free Download

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