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Start your adventure as a cowboy in this game and showcase your power by arresting and destroying criminals.Garena Free Fire Apk Game Android Free Download.

Westland Survival is a multiplayer online RPG game that takes you to a lifetime in the wild west.

The deserters and the seven throwers are lurking to destroy you and prevent them from continuing to do wrong.

You must gather your concentration carefully to capture the wildlife thieves and bring justice to the lives of the indigenous people.

You can help Native Americans in this way and trade with them to provide the necessary equipment.

You have to be careful because the sheriffs are also corrupted and sell innocent people for a handful of dollars.

Border guards and prize criminals use traps such as travel camps to trap their prey and deliver them to gangs.

This game shows you the amazing experience of living in the Wild West and you are entertained for many moments.

Features of the game Westland Survival:

– Fighting gangsters with seven pistols and pistols

– Build a Wind Farm in a Wild West

– Deer hunting and other animals

– Operation of mine and forest

– Build new equipment and items

– Horse breeding and domestication of wild animals

Game profile Westland Survival:

– Compatible with Android: 4.1 up

– Internet Need: Yes

– Genre: Online multiplayer, RPG

– The latest version: 0.9.1

– Date of update: 17 August 2018

– Points on Google Play: 4.2