Zombie Shooter is an exciting action-shooter game designed for Android and Android smartphone users.Shooting Champion Apk Game Android Free Download.

The game was already offered to Windows users, but now it’s also available to Android users to easily experience action games with their phone or tablet.

The world is at risk and a deadly virus spreads in many cities and infects people.

You are in a city that is surrounded by zombies around you so you have to collect the zest because zombies move with you with the slightest noise and your number is too much You enter a group that fights for survival and you want the cause Understand the virus.

It is safe to know that if zombies attack you and even get your gas, you become zombies, so you can collect horror as much as you can and do not get zombies! This game is for those who are keen on acting styles.

You should learn how to use the gun.

Targeting is the most important thing in this game.

Do not forget to kill a zombie, be sure to hit the head because it does not hurt anywhere else.

Fill your gun and participate in the Great Battle for the survival of the world, ready to kill all the zombies and save humanity from complete destruction.

Some features of the game Zombie Shooter:

– the complete the story for the game.
– global map to save humanity with a lot of additional tasks.
-Supports a weapon cache from classic guns to plasma guns.
-Supports many amplifiers including grenades, nano-boots, armor, and medical kits.