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Help Zee escape from Samsara! Place blocks of different shapes and characteristics in a field of two mirror sizes, curl up in this beautiful, reflective puzzle …

Playing in the park, Zee followed the squirrel through the portal into an echo-filled world with a shaded child.

Surrounded by an unknown world, trapped in a series of chaotic and dangerous zones.

these young people should avoid slipping into the pool between sizes.

begin to open and awaken the awakening they share with players, climb and descend the stairs, let light and darkness pass, Ultimate freedom is canceled and the right direction is achieved.


Investigate the reflection size of 77 levels in 6 manual processing areas. Each level hides “Easter eggs”
Simple game mechanics – selecting, rotating and dropping blocks and using their reflections
Be cautious and gradually introduce new concepts
Blocks must be balanced and react to gravity falling into the basin between two sizes, which allows the use of asymmetric placement …
… Although at the end of the game a new type of block reflection can be “abnormal” under the influence of gravity
Environmental interactions, including falling rocks and spikes that grow in contact with the Ze echo, but become withered from Zi’s own contact, allowing the chronometer blocks to move
Created by an experienced team of New Zealand developers with innovative mosaic patterns and unique artistic and animated styles.