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Out There Ω Edition Game Android Free Download Space is a hostile place, so dangerous and mysterious hits are awaiting you at each stage of this fascinating game.


In Out There: Ω Edition, you are an astronaut of the planet of gravity that is not in the solar system, but there is such a place in a remote and unknown galaxy.Juggernaut Wars Game Android Free Download.

In Out There, in all circumstances, you must survive and steer your ship with high precision, and provide oxygen to your garden planets.

In addition to confronting different intelligent species with other ancient powers, you will meet the destiny of humanity, and each of them is considered a different threat, so you need to be very careful.

Meanwhile, you can use the Handsfree to enjoy the fascinating and exciting gameplay of Siddhartha Barnhoorn’s award winning music.

Out There ı Edition Edition Features:

– There are 59 achievements with the ranking table

– Has a rugged sci-fi adventure in dark and melancholy places

– Explore each of the new galaxies

– Has an attractive epic story with 4 different endings

– There are 10 spacecraft with different abilities to explore

– Has a construction system with 20 alien technology and 15 different materials

– Engaging with different forms of aliens and learning their language

– Great graphics

– Has great sound and music

Out There Ω Edition Game Android Free Download

Out There Ω Edition Game Android Free Download Surviving along this dangerous journey, reveal the hidden secrets hidden in the center of the boundless space and in the dark places of the galaxy.