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The Archer’s bow is an entertaining arcade game developed by IndieFunGame for Android users.Crazy Kitchen Apk Game Android Free Download.

You are in the role of a gunner who has been hanged by a number of hackers and should save their lives using a bow and arrow.

The game needs to be quickly deployed to save them before they’re dead.

The story of the game is like Robin Hood that you play it.

As you know, Robin Hood and his colleagues in the Sherwood Forest stole the king’s gold and gave them to the poor.

the king who had lost his gold to raise the money for the lost gold.

and on the other hand Farmers who could not pay taxes were put in jail and were hunted along with other farmers, while Robin Hood was secretly hiding in the castle where the farmers were imprisoned.

On the other hand, Robin Hood’s colleagues will help him in the branches of the castle to help farmers Save the visitor.

Archer’s game:

-A fun and compact game.

-Thanks you with a bow and arrow.

-Ability to save the game on the Play Store.