Attack against Titan: Assault is a turn-based 3D role-playing game, licensed in Kodansha and containing action elements created by GameSamba. Immerse yourself in the desperate, bustling and thrilling atmosphere of Titan Attack as you experience hand-key events in animation. The Elder Scrolls: Blades Apk Game Android Free Download

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Attack on Titan Assault Apk Games Android Download
  • Parkour Gameplay featuring ODM gear!
    Use the Omni Directional Mobility mechanism to explore the attacking world of the Titan. Fly over the air while fighting the threat of Titan and park on the roof.
  • Perfect time punch!
    With QTE’s integrated tempo strike system, players can be lethal. Carefully plan your strike in battle and defeat the evil Titan.
  • Exciting environment, brand sound
    Visit Shiganshin, Trost, Kalanet, giant tree forests and other exciting environments and direct imported locations from animations during battle. Reproduce your story with authentic voice and video snippets of English animated versions!
  • Choose your favorite character!
    Rent original characters such as Eren Dziger and Mikasa Ackermann in the animations you can fight on your team. Choose from dozens of hero cards to create your own Titanic combat team!
  • Unique bond system!
    Certain combinations of heroes have special communication skills. Enables special hero connections such as 104th Trainee and Levi Squad to greatly increase combat strength. Activate Hero Connect now!
  • Play alone or with your friends!
    In addition to the traditional single player mode, there is a complex battle that requires the cooperation of a complex group of players.

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