Bus Derby Original offers a new and realistic driving experience with full of actions such as pile ups, crashes, smash, overthrows and push outs. Exciting fun race derby (similar to Wreckfest bus game) for android. Easy and exact handling. Challenging bus simulator. (Mario Kart Tour Android)

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FEATURES (in a nutshell)
* Unique and progressive gameplay with challenging racing game modes /Time Trial, Single Race, Custom Race, Bus Maraton Race, Knock Out Derby, Championship Derby, Grand cup, Cross cup/
* Many opponents with advanced and dynamic AI simulator and various difficulty /rookie, beginner, amateur, advanced, pro, master, elite, ultimate, extreme/
* Realistic pile ups, crashes, overthrows, push outs and deformations
* 12 + 4 different tracks /Oval, Hills, Off Road, Figure 8, Forest, Airport, Junkyard, Ranch, Snowy, Jumps, Cargo + Hangars/
* 11 upgradable buses /Old School, Burner, Mini Slider, Big Decker, Ykarux, Streamline, Danger, Booster, Monster, Mad School, Metal Dominator/
* Quality crash racing
* Easy handling
* Lots of fun
* Easy to Play, but Hard to Master

Players reviews:

– Best racing ever 👌 so happy its on Android
– Awesome graphics nice game Love it
– This game is good i would recommend android users that wanted this game good job!
– Finally it’s here! I was waiting for the android version for so long…
– I like bus games, this is the best derby game
– This is addictive and fun Wreckfest for mobile