Gold Flower Game Android Free Download This dream trip is not just for the garrison in the heavens, and you have a very important and great mission ahead of you.

Overview:Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Experience the start of an exciting journey to the heavens with us at Gold Flower.Dancing Ballz Music Line Game Android Free Download.Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Ride your own spaceship and get to the dream of your childhood, flying in the heavens like birds, passing through clouds, reaching the moon and stars, passing through the galaxies and at the height, which has long been a long-term wish of humans.Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Are you ready to start this great excitement? Will you have the skilled driving skills of this spacecraft?Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Do you have the power to use the equipment and facilities available? Are you familiar with the use of war weapons? Are you ready to conquer the heavens?Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Other Features: Start your journey.

The game continues, and your survival depends on your ability to drive the ship and use the combat equipment.

Equip your tailgate with insulating material and cover so that enemy shots do not harm you and destroy them as soon as possible.

This attractive and different game with a beautiful environment is a product of the SHMUP HOLIC studio, which invites you to the garment in the infinite atmosphere.

Game features Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Shooter:

– Touch controllers and simple movement that make it easier to move in the heavens.

– Continuing the game at a higher stage with more than 22 stages that will multiply the excitement of the game in the higher stages.

– Ability to select different spacecraft with different equipment and different combat weapons at all stages of the game

– Ability to upgrade personal weapons and buy new weapons

– change the appearance of the ship with lights and ….

– Capable of equipping spacecraft with insulating materials to prevent enemies’ warheads

Gold Flower Game Android Free Download

Gold Flower Game Android Free Download Collect your senses and drive well and go ahead on the fly to look after the fall and impact of the projectiles by enemies.