KillApps PRO App Android Free Download Your mobile phone keeps many apps running in the background open to consume your system resources, which will drain the battery and reduce the memory available.

Overview:KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

KillApps PRO Simultaneous use of multiple applications in the mobile phone and staying out of all applications will take up more memory in your handset and ultimately slow down your phone’s performance.Tools for Google Maps App Android Free Download.KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

If this is a problem for you, we suggest you kill apps.KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

Hidden secretly.KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

Other Features: KillApps supports all user-installed programs and all existing applications on the mobile system with the availability of a removable list.KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

It allows you to choose if you wish to delete program information if desired.

Do not execute it, select it and delete the rest of the programs. This app saves your battery life and cools your mobile device.

KillApps, a product of Youssef Ouadban, has been able to open its doors to the users of the world with the help of their phones, so if you have a problem with speed, you can install it on your mobile phone.

KillApps Software Features:

– By clearing the executable in the background, it will accelerate the performance of your phone.

– KillApps optimizes the memory of your phone by freeing up RAM and creating free space for new applications.

Closing apps saves battery life and increases battery life.

Closing additional apps helps lower your phone temperature and reduce CPU utilization.

– You can close all running programs with one click

– Programs running in the background of the phone are identified and stopped

– Restart the programs after running the cleanup command

KillApps PRO App Android Free Download

KillApps PRO App Android Free Download Kill Apps lets you shut down all running applications with a simple touch at the same time and restart them automatically, and thus function your mobile phone by freeing up memory usage.

App v1.5.13 for Android




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