Game Android Apk Version: 1.0.20

Game Android Data Version: 1.0.20

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The Knights Fight Medieval Arena is designed for Android smartphone and tablet users. Pako – Chase Simulator Apk Game Android Free Download.

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This game takes you to the Middle Ages, you walk in the city and you hear the suffering of the people are crowded everywhere, and everyone is talking so that nobody can sound someone whispered.

It’s listening.

On your battlefield, you are waiting for a fight. Your heart rate rises.

You arm your arm and get your steel and the battle begins.

The end of the battle determines who wins and the joy of winning it.

Pull your heavy steel armor to your sword and start your journey.

Welcome to the epic knight! Be prepared to reach a dangerous path to glory and fortune.

Start your battle to reach the Champions League.

In this game, you can either play single-player or duel or invite your friends into the game in the form of multiplayer copper and go with each other to confront the enemy.

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If you are looking for medieval fighting, this game is very good for you.

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In this game, you can invite your friends to angry duels and bet on.

Also, in this bout, the challenges of death and brutality have been left to you that you really feel that you are in the Middle Ages.

Some features of Knights Fight Medieval Arena:

-Supports various types of armor.
– The ability to upgrade weapons and equipment for future wars and tougher battlefields.
-Supports angry and deadly challenges.
-Remain 3D graphics with realistic effects.
-Ability to fight in different places even in black holes.