More than 900 million athletes won the MINION RUSH. THAT YOU LIKE TO TEACH IN THIS REVIEW PLAN! Airline Commander Apk Game Android Download

Driver and your favorite hobbies
• Start your car like a beloved Minion Dave and run through exciting, urgent missions.
• When you collect multiple bones, open other Minnes like Carl, Jerry, and Mel.

• Find cars in different rooms, each leading a mission or event in the game.
• Complete the missions of each room to open signs and find other comfortable rooms.

Open many bone bones and sweetness Great bones, usually add new ones.
Collect card cards while trying to open open windows such as Surfer, Ninja, Ports and other items.
Each costume has special skills, strengths, and a style that will help you achieve your difficult missions.

• Try through 3D-game trips that are enclosed by the Despicable Me sites. Feel the urgency as your Minions enter Bratt’s Lair, the Anti-Villain League, the Egyptian pyramids and more.

Do not Forget: Minion Rush is only a mobile car that is full of MEASURES FOR EQUIPMENT!

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