My Talking Tom 2 is the second version of Tom Spinner’s game, which you will certainly know about the previous version. Cookie Jam Blast Match Crush Puzzle Apk Game Android Free Download

This version of the game is designed for Android users.

As with the previous version of this game, you take care of Tom, who is your virtual pet, and help him be happy and healthy.

There is a new version of the game, new clothes and new furniture for play. But this is not all the features of the new version of the game! , Tom is now more fun than before.

You can now choose him and move him around, rotate, drop, throw him and even put him in the toilet, bath, bed, and on your plane.

Tom now has his own plane and can take him to an exciting new world where he can find new and wonderful things for himself and his home decor, and can also find new food and new pets.

Slowly Your pet is just as cute and funny as Tom. You can connect with your pet or communicate with each other as pet and Tom.

There is 5 pet to open for you to find them. Tom now has a large box full of toys that he likes to play with all of them.

There are basketball, trampolines and punching bags in this box, just do not forget that it does not play very hard.

If Tom falls ill, then you need to take care of him so you must take care of her and take good care of him.

At a time when Tom is ill, you can use a medicine cabinet in the bathroom that is full of quick and easy treatments.

If you’re interested in the previous version of the game, then hurry up and install the new version on your phone and enjoy the new features.

You can now download this version of the game absolutely free on our site and enjoy the game.