Walking Dead: Our World is an action and eutrophication game with Android-powered players. The walking dead is one of the most famous and popular series in the world, where the story starts from where a policeman named Rick wakes up in the hospital and sees that everywhere in the city is full of zombies, and most Humans have become zombies, he and his friends are fighting zombies throughout the series with different stories and action. The game is made up of its serial version and its story is the same as the storyline. In this game you play the role of Rick, you must look for zombies, stay in the dark and avoid dangerous places. You are also associated with other characters in the series and you must seek the collection of weapons to protect yourself. Also, every week you can compete in different challenges with other groups and challenge yourself and get bonuses that come along with your help during the game. To make this game more exciting, you are on a daily basis on special missions that you have to survive, so if you’re a fan of the series and you’re an exciting and challenging pinball, then be sure Install this game. Glory Ages – Samurais Apk Game Android Free Download.

Walking Dead’s Game Features Our World:

  • Scary and exciting action game.
  • Made by the popular series the walking dead.
    -We have different weapons to fight zombies.
    -Each weekly challenge and get rewards.
    -Demand missions in the game.
    -Going online and along with other groups.

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