Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download More than 100 levels of brain-teasing games are full of brilliant game mechanics. A playful man with a puzzle with hours of content.Test your intelligence with the Cubix Challenge.

Overview:Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Description: In this game you have to put the cube in its proper place, it may sound simple, but if you experience the game, you will find that it is a very hard game that needs to focus.Raptor Revenge Pocket Ipa Game iOS Free Download.Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

The gameplay has a puzzle like the style and it comes with graphics.Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Three-dimensional and in-game controls that can keep you entertained for hoursCubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Record the highest score

100 difficult stages

Good control of the game.

Cubix Challenge – a puzzle game from Thinkerton Games!Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Fold the cube so that the colored faces fall on the appropriate tiles.

Sounds easy? However, with the introduction of new blocks, cubes, and types of tiles, finding the right solution becomes a real problem! 120 level flawless design, you will have many hours of brains teasing fun!

Rich and exciting graphics and sound add experience! The integration of iCloud ensures that you can continue to play games on all devices. Add a bonus to the achievements of Game Center!

Will you accept the challenge?


A unique puzzle-puzzle game
120 puzzles
Level of system rating unblocking
ICloud integration keeps your progress on all devices
More problems added by the game center
Rich and original graphics and sound, eventually submerged
Every 10 levels have a new mechanic to keep the game fresh!

Customer Testimonials:

“The price is fantastic, and, more importantly, the pleasure of the game.”
“Very simple!”
“A refreshing game is a game with mental problems, not just a new old game.
“I want another thing, here I am a fantastic game, really enjoy 5 *

Last updated: January 14, 1396
Version: 1.21
File size: 139.8 MB
Seller: Thomas Bowen
Score: 5
Applicable age: 4+
Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Cubix Challenge Ipa Game iOS Free Download The ranking system allows you to unlock more problems! Those who really like to test the puzzle!

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