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Bus Fix is a simulation game for Android. The free version is for users on the site to use it.Mine Survival Apk Game Android Free Download.

Ever thought about the mechanics and the bus structure? By installing this game, you can take all the events and mechanics of the ATBOS and open and replace the parts.

If you’re a bus mechanic or like, with this simulation game for the bus, you can learn all the hard and costly tasks from the back of the phone or tablet, and in reality use your knowledge.

You can also refine and fix bug fixes and deliver to your customers after progress in the game.

Bus Fix Game Features:

-Building orders for buses.

-Determine, replace or repair damaged buses.

– Separate bus parts such as engine parts, chassis parts, tires.

– Buy new parts for buses.

Features in Bus Fix:

-It has 6 different buses.

-As more than 50 parts you can replace them.

-Removal of various defects.

-The workshop is equipped.