I am a thief and I am the best. I can get something with my bare hands.
I’m a thief, but I’m different. I really steal it only for people who need help. Soulcraft – Action RPG Ipa Games iOS Download

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You can steal, various items hidden in an unknown corner of the room. Use your wisdom to the fullest to solve puzzles, find items and solve 36 stages of infatuation.

Do not waste your time. People are asking for your help!

Be light and fun.
Enjoy cute graphics.
puzzle solved with wisdom
BEAT 36 Challenge Phase
Free practice video walk

Can You Steal It: Secret Thief
Price: Free
Category: Games
By: Mang Zhang
Version: 3.0
Released: 2016-11-07
Shared: 2016-11-07
Size: 79.1 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.