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CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download Thanks to the best graphics and gameplay on the iPhone or iPod touch and a record RPG, the best-selling game in 15 countries around the world, CHAOS RINGS is finally on the iPad.

Overview:CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Description: CHAOS RINGS HD plays all the abilities of the iPad.The Tiny Bang Story HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download.CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

We’ve added support for iOS8.
Unique enhancements to the iPad.
The iPad version supports a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. Experience beautiful graphics, detailed backgrounds, complex character expressions and intense battle scenes on the big iPad screen.CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

CHAOS RINGS fully utilizes the capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch. Using any classic game system that RPG fans love.CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

The story revolves around fighters fighting for their lives: Ark Arena. Choosing a man and a female character, you will have to fight with another character. Each pair has its own story, though the Ark Arena will not be shown after the completion of each story.CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

the function of the game
– Stunning 3D graphicsCHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Great voice, take full advantage of the powerful iPad hardware

Deep story, unique twists for each pair and several ends

Traditional game and combat system are perfectly polished

Hours of playing time with hidden bosses, secret weapons, etc.

Comments iPhone version
The Ring of Chaos is the only title that I will play for some time, except for the usual requirements for censorship.
– 148Apps

The step-by-step battle is welcomed, never gets old, the story and development of the characters are still immersed in even short-lived games.
– Touch the arcade

The iPhone finally has its own Triple-Square Enix RPG, which actually reached the final fantasy or the height of the trigger synchronization.
– slide-game


You are fighting to find the truth in the arc of the arena, a truth that will not be revealed until the end of the struggle.

Last updated: January 14, 1396
Version: 2.3.0
File size: 724.0 MB
Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
Compatibility Requires iOS 4.3 or later. compatible with

CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download

CHAOS RINGS HD Ipa Game iOS Free Download she will present an epic story of four different scenes, all of which will bring gorgeous sounds and incredibly smooth 3D graphics.