Darkness Rises is a revolutionary action RPG that combines stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles in the palm of your hand.

The darkness crosses the earth and the devilish demons prepare to break our doors. A majestic fantasy RPG awaits you. The road will run out. But before we destroy our world, you have to be patient and come down to hell to destroy this evil.

Legendary heroes capture you from the Berserker, which crushes the earth to magical magicians. By customizing your character, you can choose from a set of classes that fit your style and design your character as you think.

Hack and destroy terrifying monsters with powerful abilities. Enter the PvP Arena and unlock your strength with other players. Can this majestic RPG face a demon and more serious challenges?

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you. Download now

Key features:A

Boss episode
• RPG to challenge the boss to test the skill.
• PvE combat deepens deep into the deepness and becomes more intense

The best RPG experience

Character personification
• Character creators can create characters from scratch.
• Warriors, magicians, killers or berserkers: choose the class and go down to the darkness.

Level up in this RPG adventure and face the forces of darkness with your group. Download Darkness today provides no-charge RPG experience for anyone!

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