Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download The download is a full-featured download manager that allows you to download files to your iPhone or iPod touch, and then you can view/play downloaded files directly on iPhone or iPod touch or transfer them to your computer.


Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Description: Downloads is a user-friendly application that lets you download any file from your iPhone / iPod / iPad.SmartOffice2 – View & edit MS Office files & PDFs Ipa App iOS Free Download.Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download


password lock

Web browser
Provides a very similar user interface for Mobile Safari
Tabbed browsing
Tap and hold the image to load
Press and hold to force upload
Save pages and images offline
Full-screen mode
Bookmark Manager
historical support
the address bar is automatically executed
Basic HTTP authentication
Forms-based certification
integrated Google or Yahoo! Search
Ability to trick users custom browser lines to display web pages, such as Firefox
A single field of intelligent search. Enter a URL or search query in the single smart search field, and the browser will automatically suggest the closest match to what you are looking for.Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Download Manager
Fast download speed
Reliable resume of interrupted downloads
Download the progress bar and speed indicator in real time
Take the initiative to download the badge number
Add any download link
Always use the correct file name to upload

File manager
A full-screen document viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html, and .rtf files.
support for folders
Moving, renaming and deleting files
Search by file name
Extract RAR files
Unzip the zip fileDownloads Ipa App iOS Free Download
Viewing Thumbnails

download backgroundDownloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

File sharing between applications
Other applications can save the file in the Download application (for example, an e-mail application can save attachments in the Download application)

recovery mode
If your browser is in an endless cycle of pop-up alerts, go to the built-in iOS settings application, find the “Downloads”, open “Recovery Mode”, then force shutdown and restart the application.Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Last updated: January 14, 1396
Version: 5.3.1
File Size: 23.8 MB
Seller: Hian Zin Jong
Score: 4
Applicable age: 17+
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone

Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download

Downloads Ipa App iOS Free Download  Full portrait and landscape mode support