“Dragon RAJA” is a next-generation RPG mobile game developed by Zulong Entertainment. The game production team is assembled and deeply joined by the top engine manufacturer Epic Games. (Dawn of Isles Android)

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The UE4 engine technology capability is maximized to create a gorgeous and multi-national scene For the mysterious masterpiece. In the game, there are rich environmental changes such as day and night, rainy weather, etc., giving players a real feeling of being in the real world.

Game features:
– Epic’s top UE4 engine for real-world Scene interaction
– Incorporate whole lighting scene technology, film level screen rendering
– Diverse changes in weather conditions, virtual reality experience
– Powerful dynamic point source technology to construct a gorgeous multi-national scene
– Extremely beautiful indoor environment, multiple upgrades of sensory experience
– Special effects system is dazzling, artistic approach to innovation

Editor notes

Dragon RAJA is official launched!
# Free space above 6.5GB (Android installation package is about 2.6G, where the first installation package 1.3G, the synchronization update is 1.3G; iOS installation package is about 3.5G) The total installation must be leave About 6.5G space.
# If you have issue with verification, please join the Dragon RAJA Discord: https://discord.gg/YVySN5q

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Detailed info
File Size :1.48GB
Update Time :Sep 27, 2019