Drift Max Pro – The Car Drifting Game is the name of a new and exciting game of racing and car games that are completely free on our site with the file uploaded or unrestricted, as well as the game data as a separate file. Run Sausage Run Apk Game Android Free Download

Android handler. This game was made by the gaming company mad max, which shows the popularity and attractiveness of the game for your users.

In this game, you have to race in racing style with manual brakes and win the challenges to yourself, and the higher the levels go, the more difficult your challenge will be.

You can also upgrade your car during the game by squaring your money, as well as sporting them, changing their color or placing different rings.

Many other things. So if you’re a fan of racing games with high graphics, you can download this exciting game along with the downloaded file and download it and enjoy it.

Vehicle changes options:

  • Change the color of the car.
    -Select hood labels.
    -Window glass.
    -Height change of car.

Racing game modes:

-Rights and challenges daily.
-Classic races.
-Free or free of charge.