iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

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iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download Have you ever thought of exchanging two pictures? Now you can! He used to use Photoshop’s owner to move one person to another, but iSwapFaces® allows people to easily switch faces in less than a minute. For everyone’s pleasure, turn one person into another!


iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download Description: Have you ever thought of replacing two faces in the above image? This is even harder with even the most advanced graphics software, and it’s very difficult to get the job done the way you expect it to be. But the software that this time is the site of the cracker.Snapseed Ipa App Ios Free Download.iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

From 2009 # 1 face application “iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

Take photos with your iPhone/iPad, or upload photos from your gallery, place the mask on both sides and iSwapFaces® will do the rest! Face changes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends! Post results on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! You will laugh for a few hours!iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

iSwap faces! What about you?

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Exchange locations between two separate photos!
Adjust the color and brightness of the face!

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By identifying two faces in the photo, the software is able to replace them with each other, just like the one in the picture.

ISwap Faces The name of this application is the application, the latest version of which is version 5. 1 recently released for iPhone phones.

This software can take your photos to a resolution of 1440 x 960, which is 9 times the resolution of the iPhone. Save to ensure your photo quality.

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Download attractive face-to-face image transfer with iSwap Faces for iPhone iPad iSwap Faces
Price: $ 0.99
Categories: Photos and Videos
Manufacturer: Black Frog Industries, LLC
Release Date: Feb 27, 2009
Last updated: January 19, 2011
Version: 5.0
File size: 27.1 MB
Seller: Black Frog Industries, LLC
Score: 3.5
Applicable age: 4+
Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download

iSwap Faces Ipa App iOS Free Download The IR has put it for free for you, it can do this automatically on your iPhone.